*Cue all the happy tears!! Where do I even begin?? I met Corinne & Scott a little over a year ago when I photographed their wedding back in Michigan… who knew a year later I would be flying to Colorado to adventure through the mountains with them while laughing constantly and me not being able to breathe because of the change in elevation HAHA, talk about Jesus, drink the best coffee & wine, and steal their dogs & claim them as my own. These two have become such wonderful friends and to say I’m beyond grateful and so overwhelmed would be an understatement. I’ll cherish this trip in my heart always.

Throughout the entire trip, I was in constant amazement of the beauty surrounding me, and I can’t even begin to express the joy & gratitude that is still overwhelming my heart when I look back at all of these images. I have no words.

Xo! love you guys!

Joslyn DuncanComment