This girl is nothing short of a pure ray of sunshine! Caroline is one of the sweetest people I have ever known and she holds such a special place in my heart. She is pure JOY & I have loved, loved, loved every second that we’ve “worked” together over the last couple of years! I don’t even think that “worked” is the right word… more like “created”…?! UGH! Where do I even begin?! *Cue all the happy tears! Caroline reached out to me several years ago about wanting to grow in photography and asked if she could study/mentor under me. OF COURSE I said YES! I taught her everything I could think of - we walked through workflow/process, editing, shooting, etc.! Over the last several years, she’s joined me on many of my shoots to watch and practice, assisted at several weddings, and we’ve set up some shoots where she could test her skills and get creative. It’s been the one of the greatest joys watching Caroline grow has been amazing and I could not be more proud of her. Now it was her turn to get behind the camera for me to capture her senior portraits before her and her family move off to South Carolina on THURSDAY!! We laughed literally the entire time during the shoot - it was the absolute best. I am going to sincerely miss her and her laugh!!

SO PROUD of you, Caroline!! Can’t wait to see what God does in and through you as you continue to grow. Love you and will miss you incredibly! Looks like I’ll just have to come visit those beautiful South Carolina beaches soon ;)


Joslyn DuncanComment