Whimsical Wedding in the Woods


Oh, what a beautiful wedding this was! It was truly one of the most romantic, beautiful, genuine weddings I've ever seen. I'm not even gonna try to hide the fact that I was wiping tears behind the camera when Rachel walked through the woods to meet her Groom. I'm not kidding. When she rounded the corner, Tom's eyes LIT UP (they were seriously SPARKLING), he gasped, and the most gentle smile was all over his face as he admired his beautiful bride. Oh. My. Goodness.

Their entire wedding day was FULL of THESE types of heartfelt moments. Everything was meaningful to Rachael and Tom, making their whole day uniquely their own. 

One of my favorite things about this wedding was their location. The entire day took place where Tom grew up, at his parents home, nestled in the woods. Tom loved growing up exploring the forest surrounding his childhood home, and with 40 acres of land... why would you want to get married anywhere else? It was more than perfect. 

So Rachael spent the morning in a vintage robe, sipping mimosas with her best friends laughing by her side in the upstairs level while Tom and his best guys had the lower level and outdoors to wander and hang all morning while prepping the fire for s'mores in the evening (the firepit has always been a favorite of Tom's and it meant so much to put it together that morning). Oh, and Rachael handmade Tom's vest for him. It doesn't get any better than this. 

Ahhh... Grab a cup of hot coffee, snuggle up, and scroll through this magical day. 

Enjoy! xo

Photographer: Joslyn Duncan

Assistant Photographer: Melissa Wenhold

Florist: Merci Beaucoup

Dress: BHLDN

Veil: NoonOnTheMoon

Shoes: Victorian Boots 

Clutch: Handmade by a Friend, Carol

Hair & Makeup: J Graham Studio Salon

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