Hi there! I’m a lifestyle photographer from the outskirts of Detroit City, MI. I’m a lover of JOY and LAUGHTER. My name, Joslyn, literally means “cheerful” or “joyful”! You’ll often find me with a cup of coffee, quoting The Office, Parks & Rec, or Fraiser, and laughing until I can hardly breathe. Never taking life too seriously ;)

I’m head over heels, crazy in love with my very best friend + husband, Matthew. We’ve been married since August 2015, but we’ll forever be newlyweds. We both love Jesus + people, have way too much fun with everything, act weirder than you knew possible, laugh till we cry, and drink way too much coffee. Being married is the BEST, so I tend to get overly excited for all you newly engaged couples out there! 

I just became a mama when our sweet son and littlest best friend, Lochlan David Duncan, entered the world on Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 11:37pm! WHAT A JOY HE IS! Matthew and I cannot even picture what life was like before he was born. I am in love with kissing his sweet cheeks and watching him grow. He is our greatest adventure yet… we couldn’t possibly be more in awe at the miracle he is.

I’m incredibly fond of soaking in the present and looking back on all the treasured memories. I cannot even begin to express the chills that run down my spine when the shutter clicks and I know that within a split second, both present and past has been captured. That real, present moment will forever be remembered, held, and cherished. 

I love capturing authenticity. I love capturing the wildly adventurous. I love playful jokes with hysterical laughs, joy-filled tears, quiet moments, and intimate whispers. Un-posed. Un-planned. Real. Perfectly imperfect. Beautifully breathtaking.

I believe that photography speaks deeply and has the ability to move the soul. Photography is so much more than just a “pretty picture”. To me, photography is capturing the heart of life itself in it’s most pure, raw form. 

So, let’s laugh ‘till we cry, dance into the sunset, and celebrate life together. 

We live in a beautifully breathtaking world. I desire to capture the beauty of it all in God's splendor... After all, this life isn't about me... It's about Him.